Is a small and growing technical products repair and consulting company specializing in tool and equipment repair with primary focus on construction/home improvement markets. We also have an extensive understanding of hydraulic/pneumatic, food processing and Ag equipment markets.

With over 40 years of fluid power experience, system design, machining capability and national OEM technical sales marketing and Consulting experience we've seen it all! We have also been privileged to design systems and processes for many name brand national companies and Corporate concerns.

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We support the trades!  With the up and down economies over the past years we all have those tools and equipment that have not been used, were stored (or buried) somewhere in our home or small business and they in fact; "just used to work last time they were making money for us". Truth is that most people really don't know how to take care of their "income" tools so that they get maximum life and provide the best return on their investments! Construction, home improvement, food processing, marine and OEM companies have all shared in the ramp up/down economy. They all also share the same equipment breakdowns! Some more costly than others!

Our Goal. To grow with you! We are a local/regional company building on a Central Florida history and reputation. In general, our evaluation cost for nail guns and most typical small construction equipment is about $35! Compare that to other "repair" companies! Our evaluation charge in many scenarios affords individuals and companies to get a real evaluation of whats needed to get the tool back on the job and it includes valuable insight to why the tool failed in the first place! We know that some tools have more value than others and we are smart enough to simply tell you to replace it! For other tools and equipment, maybe it's a simple part or maybe the best option is a total rebuild or kit!

As example in many cases for simple repairs, the only additional charge is for parts! No, not a $20 o-ring! A typical coil/framing nail gun repair averages about $50/$75 and that includes a 30 day warranty for labor and parts installed!. Some older construction tools are in better shape than the newer ones! We talk to you about your product and one of our specialties is locating older parts! We are also securing new vendors and cost effective replacement equipment, loaner tools and affordable rental tools during repairs or down time for your product and strive to offer new cost effective replacement products that; while may not have the "name brand label" are built better! We know and tear them apart! That's our background in history across the USA.

Our Pledge. To provide individuals and corporations with a trusting source of  help and support! Work with us and give us the opportunity to help you.Together, we can offer support, guidance, advice, referrals and a plan to keep you and your equipment and tools making money for you! We are happy to discuss a plan tailored to your business needs and can offer back up stock, equipment support and maintenance programs.We want to be that new part of your team and we will earn it as we grow together!